Amruthaghadiya is a very powerful technique that works on the Power of Sub-conscious mind. It is a simple procedure that can be practiced by anyone who has a burning desire to achieve a goal / wish.

It consists of a brass bell molded to perfection which rings out a wonderful sound with vibrations that touch your mind directly. A plastic bell shaped Insignia is attached with the words DESIRE – FAITH – ACHIEVE engraved on it. It reminds the user about the burning Desire one should have, Faith on the process and belief to Achieve. The word SARVA KAAREYSHU SARVADA is also engraved which means that any goal can be achieved at any time, at any place by anybody who has strong Desire and Faith.

A perfect concept, you can gift to anyone when there is no occasion. Indeed gifting Amruthaghadiya is itself an occasion. You are not gifting an object – Amruthaghadiya is a gift of Faith. Gift it to your friends, relatives, near and dear ones: but forget not, gift it to strangers also.

Whenever you hear the tinkle of the bell, it reminds you of your desire to achieve.
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