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AMRUTHAGHADIYA is the most powerful meditation technique in the world to harness the power of Subconscious mind to achieve any goal. It is a simple procedure that can be practiced by anyone who wants to achieve a goal.

A specially designed bell molded to perfection, Amruthaghadiya rings out a very celestial sound with vibrations that touch the mind directly. The resonance of the bell is similar to the sound of OM, creating a unity in the left & right parts of the brain. This results in emptying of the brain from all negative thoughts and enters a state to be receptive.

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Yoga is not a religion. It is cut out for people who want to live extraordinary lives. Its dynamic practice opens up a world of opportunities and empowers you with the strength to make them happen.

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A merchant was traveling on his camel to sell his products in the town which is on the other side of the desert. It was late evening and he decides to stop there to have his dinner and take rest for the night.

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The four important pillars for communicating with your subconscious mind are: Feelings (b) Emotion (c) Imagination (d) Faith / Belief.The five important ingredients to remember while

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Dear Venugopal,

Congratulations for bringing out a wonderful product like Amruthaghadiya. I have been suffering from severe back pain for the last few years and was finding it difficult to work. After using Amruthaghadiya, I have started feeling the difference and now I am completely relieved from the back pain. Thanks very much. Everyone should use this and get benefited from various problems they undergo.

Congratulations for winning a “National Award” for “Best Innovative Mind Technique” for creating Amruthaghadiya.

Regards, Saraswathi, Own Business, Chennai.

I got the opportunity to know about Amruthaghadiya through Social media & I attended a training program. It was new, but I got lot of inputs when I met Mr.Venugopal. He guided me as to how I have to follow my intuition. I was surprised I got my first result in just 7 days. I couldn’t believe, whatever I ask, I am getting. I quit my job & started my business & I felt major positive changes in my life. My self confidence & positivity increased. My thinking changed completely. I recommend this to everyone. Try this and see how fast your future & life changes.

Mrs.Chandra.S.Rao: Own Business.

I suffered from low self confidence & negative thinking. My husband introduced me to Mr.Venugopal. I attended his training and after using Amruthaghadiya, lots of changes occurred to me. I initially had doubts, but within 15 days I achieved my goal. There is a magic in the bell. When you hear the sound, you feel lot of positive energy. I am more positive and full of confidence now with a can do attitude. I recommend this to everyone. Try Amruthaghadiya & get results fast.

Mrs.Soma , Central Government Employee.

I had lots of problems & sorrow in my life. I was not able to sleep at nights.
I had lot of negative thinking. I met Mr.Venugopal & learnt about Amruthaghadiya. I started practicing & within 21 days I got changes in my life. Now I feel very happy. I feel the bell sound ringing in my ear while sleeping also. I feel a sense of Peace of mind. I am thankful to Mr.Venugopal & I will continue practicing Amruthaghadiya till the end of my life.

Mrs.Anandavalli, House Wife.

Dear Sir,

We came to know about Amruthaghadiya through our yoga instructor Dr.Sujatha & her brother Mr.Venugopal which was very much helpful to me and my daughter. She practiced it regularly during her exams, and she achieved 90% in her 10th standard public board exams. We are thankful to Amruthaghadiya. Now she is aiming for her medical which she will also get it through her practice of Amruthaghadiya.

Our best wishes to Mr.Venugopal for winning the ‘Best Innovative Mind Technique National Award’ for designing Amruthaghadiya.

Ravishankar, Chennai.